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Customers often ask about the differences between Windows Website hosting and Linux Website hosting. Some are drawn to the Windows name as they're using Windows PC's, for example. However, because you are using a Window's PC at home it does not mean that you need a Windows server to host your Website on.

The main issue is how your Website is constructed - different scripting technologies work better with the different web hosting platforms.

For example, if your website uses Windows technology like ASP or MS SQL you'll need to choose a Windows hosting account. If your website runs on Linux technologies like MySQL or PHP (for example, if you plan to make the most of our one click install and run a Wordpress blog or an ecommerce application on your website), you'll need Linux hosting.

If you're getting a Website designed ask the designer which they'll need and buy your hosting account accordingly, or if you are still unsure contact us and we will advise you of the most suitable option for your requirements.